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Viral Video Explains How Elites Have Used Racism to Divide and Conquer… in 3 Minutes

Anti-racist commentator Tim Wise perfectly explains how Trump is so
successful in just three minutes. According to Wise, Trump’s meteoric
ascension to the top of the polls is just the latest in a centuries-long

“When we look around and we see today, in our politics, a rich white
man telling working-class white people that their problem is brown
people,” Tim Wise begins, “we need to understand the historical pedigree
of that.”

Wise explained that whiteness, a concept born in the 17th century, is
a power structure that relies on dividing and conquering people of
European descent. In the early days of the colonies, black slaves and
indentured servants shared solidarity with white slaves and indentured
servants, as both were property of elite landowners. Through this
kinship, black and white slaves and indentured servants took part in

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