Woman Mistaken As Fleeing Felon

Kent County deputies were looking for John and Denise Metzelburg for breaking into homes there. The chase took place on October 29th after they tracked the suspect down in Kalamazoo County.

The chase started with detectives in an unmarked car with no cameras. After those detectives called Kalamazoo dispatchers for help, a Kalamazoo County Sheriff's car, with a dash cam, joined in the chase in the town of Scotts.

Following the call for help from Kent County, the Kalamazoo County car picks up the chase coming right into Scotts.

The blue Toyota Camry is racing away from police, and shots have been fired from inside the car.

“Bad guy shot about five shots out his back window,” can be heard on the radio.

After the suspects speed away once, the deputy picks up the car for a second time, and the chase proceeds down rural roads, forcing traffic, including school buses to get out of the way.

As deputies get closer, the shooting starts again.

“Shots fired, shots fired county, they keep firing at us,” can be heard.

After passing through Mendon, the chase heads toward St. Joseph County. The deputies are still under fire, as are some vehicles on the side of the road.

“Just shot at a semi,” can be heard.

At one point, the blue Camry manages to get past spike strips and continues speeding away.

Not long after, the car hits the shoulder of the road, a flattened tire flies off the car and seconds later the Camry speeds off the road, plowing into a tree.

Deputies rush from the car, followed by other officers who've been in hot pursuit.

Denise and John Metzelburg were both injured in the crash and are now being held at the Kalamazoo County jail, they are both charged with a list of felonies, including trying to kill police.

Another story emerging from the chase is the woman who says she was thrown to the ground in a case of mistaken identity.

Michelle Selbee lives just a block from where the chase was unfolding. That afternoon, she was just leaving home when she heard gunfire and backed into her neighbors' driveway to tell her son to stay in the house when suddenly police were after he

Knowing that the police chase was heading his way, the deputy involved had positioned himself in the middle of downtown Scotts when the suspect's blue Camry came into view, followed by Kent County detectives.

As the Camry gets away, someone inside the car is shooting at police.

“Shots fired!” can be heard.

The deputy turned his cruiser around, unsure of where the suspect's car has gone. When he turns down a side street, he spots a Toyota Camry backing into a driveway.

That car actually belonged to Selbee who was in the front seat when deputies rushed to her with guns drawn.

“Keep your hands up, keep your ****** hands up!” shout police.

The dash cam video didn't capture what happened outside the driver's side of Selbee's car, but the audio did.

“Take her down,” shouts a deputy.

“Get out of the ****** car, on the ground, roll over,” shouts and officer.

You can also hear Selbee frantically trying to figure out what's going on.

Selbee says the deputies kept asking her where the male from the car went, while she tries to explain that she doesn't know what's going on.

Looking closely, you can see Selbee's fourteen-year-old son walking toward his mother.

When deputies realized their mistake, they un-cuff Selbee and run back to their car to rejoin the chase while a distraught Selbee calls 911.

“Oh my God,” said Selbee, “police just came over and dragged me out of my car by my hair and threw me on the ground.

“I've never been kicked by police like that before in my life, they had no business doing that,” said Selbee.

The Sheriff's Department has apologized to Selbee about the wrongful arrest. Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller says the county has offered to pay her medical expenses.
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