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Do you think Police State Domestic Spying makes you Safer? 

I was aware of police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and federal agencies wholesale tapping phones and trolling your internet use prior to 9/11. I knew surveillance cameras and microphones were being strung from poles. The domestic spying was not to make us safer, it was for taking inventory, revenue collection, property confiscation, ruining the self-employed, and in wrecking outspoken people who would be leaders and who inform others about the rise of the US Police State. Police, lawyers, riggers of the courts, the system, prostitutes, vandals, drug dealers, and thieves all have a common host to parasite off of.

Police were looking to identify legal gun owners prior to 9/11 for door to door gun confiscation post 9/11. I know, I was asked to help police and work them. I refused to break laws for police and then got "mouthy" about being asked. It didn't work out well for


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By: SvenVonErick
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