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ObamaCare is Constitutional: Unless You Don't Know The Constitution

You cannot go a day on LiveLeak without someone posting a video, and many others posting comments, claiming President Obama has stripped them of their "constitutional rights". Indeed I engaged in a brief debate with a mental giant recently who opined that, due to the assault on our constitution there was now no difference between the United States and Egypt, Libya, Iraq and NAZI Germany.

It has been my experience that whenever someone claims the current administration and other dark forces have 'ignored the constitution' or 'taken away constitutional rights', they themselves are constitutionally ignorant, and even usually support laws and governmant actions which violate the constitution with impunity.

Such people have no working knowledge of the constitution and are incapable of reciting accurately any one of the bill of rights or one of the many famous 'clauses' contained in the con

Added: May-2-2012 
By: gregsto
Tags: constitution, tea party, who knew these lunatics were still around, obamacare, obama, religion
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