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Ernie Adams tells us about his 1949 Mercury Dwarf Car "Rebel Rouser"

You can rub your eyes all you want, but the image doesn't change. No, Ernie Adams is not a giant. He only appears to be when he stands next to his Merc. Or when he looms over his '39 Chevrolet, '42 Ford convertible or any of the other cars he builds. The cars are accurate in virtually every way but one. They're built to an 11/16th scale. They're "dwarf cars," handcrafted with a painstaking eye for detail.

Ernie Adams is known as "Mr. Dwarf Car." He created the original dwarf race car, which began the dwarf-racing phenomenon. That in turn spawned the Legends car-racing class that's followed all over the world. So, in a way, the Maricopa resident really is a giant.

Adams, 71, built the first dwarf car in 1965. It's a replica of a 1928 Chevy two-door sedan constructed from nine refrigerators. Adams didn't have a torch to shape the steel, so he learned how to fold a quarter-inch alon

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