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91% of Blacks Still Support Obama: So Who Are the Racists, Here?

Have you seen the latest Gallup poll? The latest Gallup poll, 91% of American blacks support Obama; 36% of American whites support Obama, in terms of approval numbers. Ninety-one percent of blacks support Obama; 36% of whites, now, here's the question. Am I racist because I do not support the regime, or are 91% of blacks racist because they do? Well, who are the racists here? Ninety-one percent of the black population unilateral love, adoration, support for the Bam regime, and 36% of the white population does. So who are the racists here? Well, no, I love throwing it back at these people.

Ninety-one percent of American blacks give Obama big-time approval numbers; 36% of American whites do. So am I the racist 'cause I don't support the regime or are the 91% of blacks racist because they do? (interruption) Do I believe in the 91% number? Do I believe it? Well, it's Gallup. Snerdley, I t


Added: Oct-5-2010 
By: MarkusMarone
Tags: Obama, Miserable Failure, First POTUS Elected Based On Race, Hypocrite Racists
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