Mediterranean, Libya and Egypt.

Various L/S of Royal Navy battleships at sea. C/U of naval officer looking through binoculars. C/U of sailor looking through navigational device. More shots of cruisers and destroyers at sea in Mediterranean. C/U of officer plotting course on bridge of ship. Low angle shot sailor operating large gun on moving podium. Various shots of coast being shelled. They are aiming at "Grazziani's fortress of Bardia".

Various night shots of explosions and night shots, great shots silhouetted figures run past camera on deck of ship as battle rages. C/U of crouching sailor with his fingers in his ears, he chalks another tally mark on a board, under the word 'Bardia'. Eventually he draws a cross through the word, implying Bardia has fallen to British.

Various shots of Italian prisoners of war being herded into barbed wire enclosure on North African desert. They huddle in groups eating scraps of food, many a wrapped in blankets. According to narrator their are 25,000 prisoners in enclosure captured by British and Australian forces.

Various shots of POWs being shipped to prison camps in crowded railway freight wagons. Various shots of prisoners being herded off trains at docks and onto ship. Egyptian and British soldiers keep guard.