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It's About Government, Not Health Care

Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 04:27:18 -0800 (PST)

It's About Government, Not Health Care

What the Dems are doing makes perfect sense. For them.


So there was President Obama giving his bazillionth speech on health care, droning yet again that "now is the hour when we must seize the moment," the same moment he's been seizing every day of the week for the past year, only this time his genius photo-op guys thought it would look good to have him surrounded by men in white coats.

Why is he doing this? Why let "health" "care" "reform" stagger on like the rotting husk in a low-grade creature feature who refuses to stay dead no matter how many stakes you pound through his chest?

Because it's worth it. Big time. I've been saying in this space for two years that the governmentalization of health care is the fastest way to a permanent left-of-center political cu

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By: vicsemprini
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