Europe.......The Future In 15-20 Years

This is what is coming to Europe and what WILL happen to Great Britain within 15 to 20 years unless there is a fundamental shift in the immigration status and the ever increasing non indiginous population growth.
A recent CENSUS have told us that ethnic "minority" groups outnumber "white" people in most London City Boroughs. But this is not the full story. Clive Wakley points out that the "white" category in the CENSUS INCLUDES non-indigenous groups such as KOSOVANS, BOSNIANS, MOLDOVANS, ROMA, TURKS, and CYPRIOTS. Here, he considers what proportion of London's population are actually indigenous white Britons of English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestry. He tells us that if you want to list those London Boroughs in which indigenous white Britons (ie English, Irish, Scots and Welsh) are in a minority then you have to add Tower Hamlets, Hounslow, Harrow, Hackney, Haringey and others to the Boroughs of Newham and Brent.