Syrian rebels have sarin gas: official

Syrian rebels have sarin gas: official
September 17 2013 at 03:36pm

Abu-Ossayad, the leader of artillery and mortar battalion in al-Tawheed
brigade, and a fellow fighter prepare hand-made mortar shells in
al-Kindi hospital frontline in Aleppo.

Damascus - Syria rebels possess
ground-to-ground missiles and sarin, and a UN report on chemical weapons
use shows they carried out attacks near Damascus, a high-ranking Syrian
security source said on Tuesday.
“I categorically deny that we have
used sarin gas, for the reason that we had no interest in doing so. We
were winning in the battlefield,” the official said a day after a UN
report on an August 21 attack was published.
“It is generally the losers who adopt such a suicidal attitude. On the contrary, the army was winning,” he told AFP.

The UN investigation team said in
its report that it had “clear and convincing” evidence that sarin gas
was used in an August 21 attack on rebel areas near Damascus, and that
chemical weapons have been used on a “relatively large-scale” in the
30-month-old Syrian conflict.
The UN report does not say who used the weapons, though the opposition and its allies have blamed Assad's troops.

According to the Syrian security
source, “the terrorists locally manufacture ground-to-ground missiles,
and it is highly likely that they used them to transport” the toxic
chemical sarin.
President Bashar al-Assad's regime has systematically referred to opponents and rebels fighting its loyalists as “terrorists”.

“Of course the rebels know how to
load missiles with sarin. They have been trained by the US, French and
British secret services, which are active on the ground,” said the
Asked why the Syrian army stocked
chemical arms, he said: “At a particular time in history, there was the
desire to have this kind of weapon to create a strategic balance with
“It was nothing more than a way to dissuade the Zionist enemy, which has an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.”