Idiots throws snack with firecracker to monkey

Retards at their best.
Social media is now hovering at a picture of a monkey who injured his hand as a result of the barbaric acts of the individuals who threw firecrackers to the monkey concerned.

Telling the story of creation, Twitter userszoologiMY upload some pictures on Twitter.

According to the partnership, monkeys, Chai, is now already died from being hit run on Saturday.
"The story of the ape's hand when hit by a firecracker injuries. The incident took place last month in Taman TAR, Ampang. Ape named Michai by the NGO in charge of the area due to hand injuries are unscrupulous individuals threw firecrackers ball. Mochai who thought it was food and fireworks take the last firecracker exploded in his hand. More heartbreaking Michai been infringed run last Saturday and suffered severe internal injuries. Attempts to save the animals brought to the clinic failed and Michai was dead. "

The partnership also urged the authorities to monitor immoral activities in the area.
"Many cases of torture and killing of wildlife there. In the hope that the authorities monitor the activities of unscrupulous unscrupulous man there"
It is hoped that the parties appear to be making a similar incident does not recur.