A First Look At The British Army's AJAX

The Scout SV armoured fighting vehicle is being developed
by General Dynamics to replace the Scimitar, and is one of six planned
variants ordered by the Ministry of Defence. It will be renamed AJAX when it comes into service.

It will boast 360 degree thermal and visual driving cameras, laser
detection ability, and numerous other new features. It'll have a top
speed of 43 mph, and will be able to pull up to 92 tonnes.

It claims to be the first fully-digitised fighting vehicle, with all
crew members in the vehicle able to share its camera capabilities.

General Dynamics, have fitted the turret and 40mm cannon, and are
now testing the on-board electronics prior to trials and delivery.

The MoD placed a £3.5 billion ($5.3 billion) order for 589 Scout SVs in September last
year, with delivery expected to begin in 2017 and continue until 2024.

Source: forces.tv/26875935