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TROLLS (6/6): The Low Cyber Self-Esteem Guy

The Guy Who Everyone Hates but Who Never Leaves...
-Every online community seems to have a person or people who don't fit in. They are ridiculed constantly.

You may figure they are no different than the picked-on nerd in high school, but unlike that kid who always gets squished into a locker, these people are free to leave the website at any time they choose.But they don't.
In Real Life it's Called...

Self-Abasement and/or Attention Seeking Behavior.

Someone with the need for self-abasement feels that they should be perpetually punished for their wrongdoings.

They're like the albino that whipped himself in The Da Vinci Code novel, but instead of drawin

Added: Jul-9-2009 
By: Songun
Tags: Internet, Troll, Internet Troll, Internet Troll Behavior, Psychology, Personality Disorder, self esteem, low self esteem guy, Arch Troll, Self-Abasement, Attention Seeking Behavior
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