"Tranquility Bay: WWASP Behavior Modification camps" (Part 2/2)

"While at the camp, students are monitored 24 hours a day, are not allowed to speak or move without permission, and are subject to a rigid disciplinary system. Punishment at Tranquility Bay includes being forced to lie on the ground for months without moving or speaking, being sprayed in the face with pepper spray, or having your arms and limbs twisted into unnatural positions - the idea being to cause extreme pain without leaving marks. At other WWASPS camps, students have been beaten, put in dog cages and starved. Teenagers who cooperate with the program rise in a complex system of internal ranks, eventually becoming enforcers against new students. In so-called "group therapy" sessions, students are punished if they do not hurl abuse at one another, reveal personal information and proclaim their salvation by the program.

Child abuse has slowly grown out of the family sphere and turned into an industry.

Even normally "defiant" teenagers are often unable to resist the camp's methods of indoctrination, and the Web is overflowing with testimonies from parents whose son or daughter was transformed into a "perfect" child, instinctively obedient and brimming with filial devotion.

These camps are not an aberration in a culture that fetishizes law and order above individual liberty, is unreasonably terrified of rebellion, drug use and teenage sexuality and is absolutely unwilling to believe that giving unrestrained power to fanatical conservatives could result in genuine atrocities. Both Republicans and Democrats are aware of these camps, but with the exception of congressman George Miller of California, none of them have tried to do anything about it. It's taboo to question the absolute rights of parents in this society.

Several institutions run by the organization in Latin American countries and elsewhere have been shut down, but for the most part they continue to operate, and are expanding. Sending your son or daughter to one of these camps is very expensive, and WWASPS has become a multi-million-dollar organization, with thousands of staff and a network of Web pages online designed to spread misinformation about the programs and convince desperate parents to send their children into the system.

But very few people even know about the issue, to a large extent because the camps are run privately rather than by the government. Letters have been sent to congressmen, court cases have been fought and articles have been published, but there are at least as many people working to support these camps as there are working to shut them down." "media.www.browndailyherald.com/media/storage/paper472/news/2;