Russian Fishermen Find A Huge Sea Lion In Their Fishing Net

Fishermen get 'huge' surprise after reeling in their net to discover massive sea creature staring back at them

The men - who usually catch the smallest of fish - were gobsmacked when they loosened the net to unveil animal who wasn't ready to leave

A group of Russian sea fishermen got an enormous surprise after reeling in their net - to discover a SEA LION.

The huge creature had somehow managed to slip into the net while the men were catching small fish in the middle of the ocean.

But instead of being panicked after he was hoisted up onto the boat, the sea lion looked relatively calm.

Sitting up right, the creature simply stared at the startled fishermen, making no move to jump back into the sea.
Within seconds, men on the boat spring into action, using a hosepipe to force the sea lion back over the edge of the boat.

But it appears the wild animal isn't quite ready to leave, and sits staring off into the seat for a few more seconds before making the leap.

One viewer wrote: "He's chilling with the fish, he looks really happy to be in the net."

A startled diver also got the shock of his life this week when he discovered a bizarre 'alien' on the bottom of the seabed.

The creature had a transparent head and 13 legs - but later turned out to be a humble sea slug.
The ocean is a perplexing place -- mostly deep under the sea.

Once crew on a fishing boat discovered something totally unexpected after casting their nets in a more shallow location.

The surprising find was caught on video and uploaded to Live Leak on Monday.
Footage shows the boat pulling a net filled with small fish on board -- but when you take a closer look, you'll see a very pleased sea lion.


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