PYD leaders (Terrorists) receive warm welcome from Hollande

Well this is what France does. These terrorists murdered more than 50,000 people in Turkey caused trillions of dollars damage to Turkey economy. What France does is supporting these terrorists. Also by invading Iraq and Syria Western caused today's attack on France. They are the primary guilty. They are also not helping to solve situation in Syria. Actually whenever a side gets stronger, they help opposite side so war can go on.

France President François Hollande hosted the female leaders of Kurdish
Democratic Union Party (PYD) the Co-chair Asya Abdullah and the Woman
Defence Forces' commander Nesrin Abdullah, at the Elysee Palace in Paris
on Sunday.

According to Turkish daily Hürriyet, the exclusive visit was organized
and paid for by the French Presidency. Two women traveled to Paris from
the city of Irbil, the capital of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in
northern Iraq, on a scheduled flight. Nesrin Abdullah attended the
meeting wearing an army uniform, according to the report.

The visit has recieved attention from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, as
PYD, and offshoot of the PKK, is recognized as a terrorist organization
by Turkey.

PYD authorities had said that they recieved a warm welcome from French
authorities in Elysee Palace and also requested more military and
logistical support in their fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic
State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in northern Syria, the report added.

Turkey's Paris Ambassador, Hakkı Akil, is expected to meet with French counterparts to get information about the meeting.

The PYD, due to its affiliation with PKK, is considered as terrorist
group by the United States and the European Union, in addition to
Turkey. Its increased presence in northern Syria along Turkey's border
has raised concerns of a high threat to Turkey and its border.