Meet a new breed of scientific investigators who present their extraordinary evidence about man's origins; evidence that the academic community has quietly ignored. The mysteries of man's origins are among the most fascinating in all of science: Did man evolve from Apes? Human artifacts and bones have been found in rock strata millions of years older than the theory of evolution allows. Did man live at the time of the dinosaurs? Human footprints were discovered in the same rock layers as dinosaur footprints dated to over 100 million years old. Did Atlantis really exist? Could Plato's lost continent of Atlantis be buried under two miles of ice? This documentary presents evidence how an ancient map may hold the answer. Ancient high-tech engineering? A megalithic city high in the Bolivian Andes has been dated to 15,000 BC. What civilization could have built it? The evidence presented in this documentary will radically transform accepted theories of the history of man, and forever change the direction of science
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