Urban Battle Filmed From SAA Tank In Darya - ANNA news

ANNA news new video - first person view from SAA tank as it engages FSA enemy in urban fighting in Darya. 11 minutes of nice HD footage - sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Translated voice-over:

February 27th. Sunrise above Darya starts a day of attack on enemy controlled areas.

The objective of operation - squeezing the encircled thugs.

Tight urban areas allows the terrorists, with the help of foreign instructors to transform streets and neighborhoods into fortresses.

Early in the morning the tanks get to work.

The previously spotted terrorist strongholds are engaged with tanks.

This attack allows infantry to move forward.

Despite the intense return fire, cooperation of armor and infantry allow the army to advance with minimal losses.

Well trained and armed opponent uses the urban setting to his advantage. The ability of the tank crew to work as a team, show initiative, and maneuver in tight areas plays an important role.