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Ever wondered why there is a Black Christ?

The 401st annual feast day of the Black Nazarene drove hundreds of thousands of Filipino faithful to Quiapo, Manila Wednesday for their personal devotion to the religious image known to grant wishes and perform miracles.

However, as the devotees carried on with the tradition, there were those who wondered why the image of the Nazarene is black.

ABS-CBN News "trivia man" Kim Atienza cited several theories on why the image of the Nazarene is black.

He said that according to lore, the ship that carried the image from Mexico more than 400 years ago caught fire. Flames turned the color of the wooden image to black.

Others, meanwhile, said that the black image was a result of the fumes from two fires that struck the Quiapo Church in 1791 and 1929.

Atienza said that there is also a story which originated from Mexico about a priest who loves kissing the feet of the Nazarene.


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