Moron gets neighbor who is Live Streaming arrested so he can rob him, gets arrested himself

A Washington man who live streamed his own arrest in his apartment for not showing a cop his identification ended up live streaming his neighbor walking into his apartment and stealing several items last week.
Now the thieving neighbor, Benjamin Michael Frostad, is facing felony charges after viewers called the Longview Police Department and had him arrested
It appears that Frostad is the man who called the cops on Jarid Hamilton, accusing him of making excessive noise.
Longview police officer Jordan Hillstrom showed up to Hamilton’s apartment and demanded identification, telling him he needed to check him for warrants.
But Hamilton refused to provide identification on the basis that he did not believe the officer had a reasonable suspicion that he had committed a crime.
Hillstrom claimed that he heard Hamilton’s voice as he was coming up the stairs. The video begins when the two are already speaking, so it’s impossible to tell if Hamilton was being loud.
After several minutes of debating about whether or not Hamilton had the right to not show identification – including several failed attempts at having Hamilton step out into the hallway – Hillstrom stepped into his apartment and led him outside where he handcuffed Hamilton.
The arrest begins at 7:55 and they eventually lead him away, closing his apartment door, but not locking it.
At 10:30, Frosted steps in, picks up a few items including a pair of high-priced sneakers as well as headphones, then steps back out again, closing the door behind him.
It took him less than 20 seconds but several viewers witnessed it on, which is a live streaming site allowing users to interact with each other while playing video games.
At 11:35, Frosted walks into Hamilton’s apartment again, stealing more items, including his wallet and cell phone, taking about 20 seconds to do that as well.
Viewers then called police and Frostad, who has spent time in prison for felony domestic abuse and has several other arrests (just Google his name), who returned to the building and arrested him on felony burglary charges.

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