Mustard punched out by Christian

An increasingly popular recording shows Christians praying, and the reaction of one of them to a black immigrant who played music from his mobile phone while walking by.

Local Christians held a public prayer for a church in Paris, which will soon be demolished. In its place will be built car parks and residential buildings.

At the short recording, one can see firstly a group of Christians praying for the intention of saving the church. At some point, a black man comes up to them, who was disrespectfully playing loud music. Earlier, he had also allegedly shouted insults in their direction and harassed them (this is not on the recording, but according to witness statements).

The matter of St Rita’s church is one which causes great controversy and outrage in the Parisian Christian community. Earlier in the media a recording appeared, which showed the pacification of the church, in which its defenders were praying. According to them, in the face of the increasing Islamisation of France, knocking down another church is nothing other than sawing off the branch on which one sits.
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Location: Paris, Île-de-France, France

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