15-20,000 People MARCHED on DC July 12th 2008

15-20,000 People Marched on Washington DC in a show of mass grass-root's support for Ron Paul's Message of Liberty and Dedication to the US Constitution! In his Speech Dr. Ron Paul encouraged everyone to march in St Paul, Minnesota on Sept 2nd in conjunction with the Republican Convention. He highlighted any plans to bomb Iran as complete Insanity and as un-constitutional and blatantly illegal. He also reminded everyone that throughout history revolutions have always been a success through the efforts of only 3-5% of the population. His speech drew many rounds of loud applause and excited calls of support from the crowd.

Brian, one of the main organizers of the Revolution March and of the North Virginia Patriots projects announced that plans for next year's Revolution March on DC are in the works!

America is obviously a lot more than what we see on TV! Thank you Fellow Patriots! Thank you America!
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