Micah Turner announces defection from US Army at Freedom Plaza

Micah Turner announced on October 6, 2012 at an Occupy DC rally on Freedom Plaza trhat he has defected from the US Army, having been AWOL for weeks. After giving a 25 minute interview, he immediatly left the area, well ahead of any reaction team. I doubt that the DC police would enforce military law, but a pretext arrest for anything ELSE would be dangerous. If MPs show up at Freedom Plaza, they will be late by many hours.

Video is clips from the statement Micah Turner made at Freedom Plaza intercut with all of the video files from his "Titans Rise" video CD, which his supporters are asking everyone to distribute as widely as possible. Therefore all the clips from the disk are in this video, edited only to fit the frame.and with one later clip run immediately after the opening statement on Freedom Plaza due to its relevancy to that statement.