Mexican Standoff - US Border Patrol Agent's Checkpoint Challenge of Silent Citizen

Mexican Standoff - US Border Patrol Agent's Checkpoint Challenge of Silent Citizen, 5 January 2014, Rob Trudell exercises a 5th Amendment Right to Remain Silent. Right to use the bathroom. Baños

How you doing, sir? Where are you coming from today? Do you speak English? Spanish? Habla Española? Português? Are you? Where? Are you a United States Citizen, sir? Okay, do you have any passports? ID? Okay, do you speak English? Española? Português? Do you talk? Could you pull over there please?

How are you doing today, sir? Where are you coming from? Do you speak English? Spanish? Any? Alright, you're not going to answer my questions? Alright. This is an Immigration Checkpoint. You are being detained until you answer our questions. Is that clear? Okay, you've got cameras on. You have to use the bathroom? You can use the bathroom.

After 150 feet turn right, Highway 85.

He's got mounts all over the place.

What's that?

He's go mounts all over his car.


It's probably still recording, but. No. If he stays in the bathroom, he can stay in the bathroom. We'll just pass it onto Swing Shift.

Ha-ha. Yeah.

That's fine with me.

Fine with me.


Is this the vehicle that they were...
Um huh.

8060. I need you to run a plate. Copy.
Alpha C alpha. 8060.

10-4. 2829 on that check. 2829 on that direct check. Yankee Uniform Mike Alpha 3 1 0.

You can step back in your vehicle or stay out here. So, pretty much what's going to happen is you are detained until you cooperate and answer our questions. Okay? If you prefer not to, that's perfectly fine.

You can go in your car or you can stand out here. Okay? Fine.

Whenever you are ready to answer the questions or if you can't speak, if you have a medical condition, I'll give you a piece of paper to write down those on. Just let me know. We'll work here for 12 to 14 hours and then we'll pass it on. So whenever you're ready to cooperate, let me know.

Would you like to sit down sir? If I give you a chair would you like to sit down? No?

Yankee Uniform Mike Alpha 3 1 0 registered to Robert Trudell. Call on plate.

Whenever you're ready to cooperate...

There are some birds flying in your window. Would you like to roll them up? No? It's okay? Alright.

2 hours later after offers of juice and crackers...

Sir, could you please step out of the vehicle one time?

Step back.

So you're not going to answer any of our immigration questions? That's all.


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