Pet Wild Deer Herd

A family has developed a relationship with a wild deer herd that visits their yard
From the source;
"A wild deer herd has befriended us, and in the early summer, Eva, the matriarch of the herd, always brings her two or three day old babies nearby, letting us have a close look. This year Eva had three fawns. Two girls and a boy. For the first days of their lives the fawns are mostly sleeping alone in the woods. Eva spends her day going from fawn to fawn, caring for them until they are able to walk around. That sometimes takes a couple days. Because we live in the middle of their territory, they've been watching us closely for generations, and they really like to eat our clover lawn, we have deer in our yard every day.

For some reason, this year the females and the fawns were much more vocal than we have heard in past years. The one deer who is very loud in this video is a young female. Perhaps her youth gives her exceptional vocal chords. Maybe her baby is hard of hearing. In any case, it's an astounding and alarming sound from an animal that is normally known for its quiet grace."

Music in the video from Starseed
The musical track featured in this video is titled:
"Ins Herz der Dinge" (Into the Heart of Things)
recorded live in concert.

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