Ohio Police Test Gun That Shoots Round Corners.

AKRON, OHIO -- It looks and fires like something out of Star Wars, but the latest weapon that Akron, Ohio Police have in their arsenal certainly appears to be from a galaxy far, far away. It's called "Corner Shot", and it allows officers to load their sidearm into an expandable arm that extends around a corner. Using a video monitor to see that target, the officer can fire a round at a 90-degree angle while staying protected behind cover.

"Expose a weapon, expose a lethal threat, without exposing any part of your body," said Akron Police Captain Mike Shearer. "So it's looks like a very nice weapon."

Shearer was the first officer to fire the system during a familiarization exercise in early December with the SWAT team. Shooting around a barricade, Shearer easily positioned the weapon so that he could engage multiple targets via a small television monitor instead of having to stick his head out around the corner.

"On the screen, there's a nice crosshair," Shearer said. "So you do have a nice clear picture, a nice crosshair to look through. This weapons platform is going to be a very, very useful tool for the Akron Police Department."

One Corner Shot system costs between $5-10,000 depending on additional attachments such as laser sighting or a flashlight. Akron officers are the first in the country to access the weapon system, which was sent to Akron by Corner Shot's executives in Israel. They met with Mayor Don Plusquellic during an overseas trip, where they discussed opening a distribution center in Northeast Ohio to provide the weapons to American police departments.