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Scientists successfully recreate 'out of body experience'

(A fascinating discovery reported in the latest issue of Science magazine, Aug. 23, 2007).

Out-of-body experiences are associated more with tabloid newspapers, New Age Web sites, and large doses of hallucinogenic drugs than serious scientif ic discussion. Yet they’re often reported by reputable people who suffer from migraine headaches, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions. Intrigued by such accounts, some researchers are trying to figure out how the brain creates an aspect of human consciousness so fundamental that we take it for granted: the perception that the "self" conforms to the borders of the physical body.

Now, two teams of cognitive neuroscientists independently report on pages 1048 and 1096 methods for inducing elements of an out-of-body experience in healthy volunteers. Both groups used head-mounted video displays to give people a different perspective o


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