A Dirge for Darwin : Who drove the last nail in Darwin's Coffin?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words - well, here's a 14,000 Word Eulogy for Darwin.

Creation Ex Nihilo, Soft Tissue in a T Rex Bone, Osteocytes in Triceratops Horn, Aluminum in Coal, Polonium 218 Radio Halos in Quartz Crystal, Dinosaur Tracks with Human Tracks, Shoe Print in Granite and a Hammer in Cretaceous whose handle is still wood.

Take your pick - just another nail in Darwin's Coffin...

Notes :

1) Concerning Polonium 218 Radio Halos in Granite - the only argument against it that was actually published in a Peer Reviewed Journal was that there must have been some type of contamination however, Dr. Robert Gentry replied that these Halos also occur in solid crystal in solid granite which allows for no contamination. Further, Scientists say that granite is a metamorphic rock so Gentry challenged them to make some which they did and, not only do they not look like granite, they also have no Halos in them.

2) Concerning the Hammer in Cretaceous, the only argument proposed was that it was a Concretion however Dr. Baugh of the Creation Evidence Museum responded that the material has not been reworked and is, therefore, geniune Cretaceous Rock. Dr. Baugh is also in possession of the Alvis Delk Dino & Human Track which was X-rayed with a CT Scan which clearly showed the Compression and Distribution of the Footprints proven both were geniune.

Creation Evidence Museum


3) This is as close as I could get to the source for the Vlad the Impaler Video : Appropriately enough, I found out afterwards his name is Denace the Menace :



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