Subway Robbery Thwarted by Off-Duty LiveLeaker

Volume warning at the end ;)

Walked in on a robbery at Subway in Portland Sunday night. Girl behind the counter had her hands up while the suspect emptied the till. I casually walked over and delivered what I thought would be a knockout, but the big fella took it and the fight was on. The scrum eventually spilled outside where he popped me pretty good with a left cross and got away.

None of the cameras got a good picture of the suspects face, but the towel he was using to cover his face was left behind and swabbed for DNA. White male, 6feet, 190lbs, blond hair.

I was able to recover the money and the owner was nice enough to give me the tape for my Liveleak friends. Not one "Worldstar" was uttered that evening! Enjoy and stay safe!



By: evdog415 (766.40)

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Location: Portland, OR, USA

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