Few examples of uncommon weapons used by FSA in Syria (16x pictures) UPDATE

Just some few examples of two foreign firearms in Syria both weapons aren't used by the Syrian Arab Army so it's impossible that the FSA terrorists/rebels looted this guns they must be smuggled into the country !

Austrian Steyr AUG bullpup 5,56mm assault rifle.

Note the (evil) tattoo in the picture above. Disciplinary complaint incoming..

Sadly I killed all description by accident about the AUG rifles. *facepalm*

Belgian FN FAL 7,62mm battle rifle.

FN FAL rifle with an optic scope - Abu Bakr Battalion, 15.06.2012 in al-Bab

FN FAL (one with scope), Aleppo, 22.08.2012 by James Duggan

FN FAL Bab al-Nayrab district in Aleppo, 26.08.2012 by Reuters

FN FAL outskirts of Aleppo city, 26.08.2012 by Muhammed Muheisen
Note another (evil) tattoo seems FSA have a problem with lack of discipline.

FN FAL rifle mounted with a scope in Aleppo, 24.08.2012 by Reuters

FN FAL (with Canadian Elcan scope ?) in Haram town, Idlib Governorate, 30.10.2012 by Asmaa Waguih

Apparantly an Israeli FN FAL with El-Op Eyal 3×20 scope

Sham Falcons with FN FAL in Sarmada, 13.10.2012 by Reuters

Not sure about these guns (left plus middle seems to be M4 ?) but for sure no AKs in Haram town, Idlib Governorate, 28.10.2012 by Asmaa Waguih

I'm not 100% sure if every weapon description is correct so if you found a mistake please write a comment and correct me with a short explanation. Thanks in advance !

In this article you can see a FSA fighter with a german G3 battle rifle.
Here is the (alleged) story behind this weapon:
".. The rifle was brought to him on foot, “Not too used, almost like new.”, through a mountainous smuggling
route from Lebanon. Malek received it as a gift, along with two extra
magazines and a chain of bullets, compliments of his fellow opposition
fighters who gave it to him, he says, in acknowledgment of his role in
being one of the first to demonstrate in Zabadani, and one of the first
in the town to take up arms against the regime. .."

Cause of the comments I would like to add that there is (as far as I can verify) no clear proof that the Syrian Army ever purchased plenty of FN FAL. According to the english wikipedia source "Jane's Infantry Weapons 2009/2010. Jane's Information Group; 35th edition" the Syrian Army purchased that weapon. But in this blog http://the-trigger.tumblr.com/tagged/FAL-in-Syria with a lot of pictures showing FN FAL used by FSA members you can't find a single picture with a SAA soldier using this weapon, also I can't remember to ever see a SAA soldier using it in any video.
If you remember such a video, please link it in the comments !

The blog is driven according to the website by Damien Spleeters a Freelance
journalist from Belgium. Covering armed conflicts, investigating the
proliferation of Belgian small arms and the activities of Belgian arms
brokers. It's worth to have a look at the blog even if you disagree with me !

Quote from the blog "The Trigger":

.. According to the literature, the Syrian army adopted the FAL rifle in
1956, but there is no trace of trials rifles sent to Syria in that
period, nor later. According to Jane’s (the wiki source), Syria has FAL rifles in its
inventory, but the weapon is not listed as “in service”. Not much
information is available at this point.
It was possible to obtain the Belgian arms export licenses for
1969-1974 and 1980-1982. In July 1969, the Belgian government issued an
export license for 100 FAL rifles sold to Syria. Nothing else until
1974. Then no data available until 1980, where there are traces of a
license issued for 1,200 rounds “calibre 7.62” and one “machine gun
calibre 7.62mm”, but no rifle.

Although we still have to see FAL rifles in the hands of Syrian
soldiers who did not defect, it is not possible so far to rule out the
hypothesis that FAL rifles equipping the opposition fighters – as we
documented them on this website – come from the Syrian army small arms
stocks and were captured by the opposition or brought with the defectors
when they fled. ..
According to this ANNA article http://anna-news.info/node/6615 (via google translator translated into english click here tinyurl.com/cdmwtt4)

"This weapon is not in service in Syria and of course exported from outside."

Additional information the FN FAL using 7,62x51mm NATO ammo. The Syrian Army standard weapon (the AK-47) using 7,62x39mm.