340 kilograms of marijuana discovered in Rome

An area of ​​about 7 hectares which had been set up in a greenhouse for the cultivation and processing of marijuana was discovered by the financiers of the provincial command of Rome near the train station of Roma Casilina in via degli angeli. Seized about 340 kilograms of marijuana and arrested the perpetrators. For suspicious of agents during a normal patrol was the strong smell to plants of marijuana from a cliff in the area, known for its many ancient underground stone now used for growing mushrooms. The fumes, according to the findings of the military, came from a farm located in the vicinity, against whom then shot the search. Within the site financiers have discovered an underground tunnel, with a first section used as a mushroom farm and follow a few greenhouses for the cultivation of cannabis with several rows of plants. An effective system of halogen and efficient irrigation system consists of underground water tanks, autoclaves and an extensive network of pipes placed in the lower part the plantation. The structure was completed by a room for drying the raw material with dehumidifiers, work tables with various tools, precision balances, chemical products and a tool used for shredding of the drug. Several plastic bags containing marijuana plants that market at retail prices, equal to 7/8 euros per gram. The amount recovered amounts to about 340 kilograms of the drug, which would have been obtained about 340,000 doses with estimated earnings of about 3 million.