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None of the safety-systems worked correctly:

1. The TACC, active cruise control did not brake as it normally does
2. The automatic braking system (AEB) did not make an emergency brake
3. The forward collision warning turned on way too late, it was set to normal warning distance
4. The TACC actually was speeding up just before I did hit the brakes

Yes, I could have reacted sooner, but when the car slows down correctly 1'000 times, you trust it to do it the next time to. My bad..

I was looking right to find a spot to merge, and did not realize soon enough that the TACC was accelerating towards the van. So my reaction was too slow because of that. It takes a second to realize that the system is failing and you have to take over.
In normal operation, the AP slows down as soon as another car puts one wheel on the lines to your lane.

I was in contact with Tesla Europe, but they could not provide me with any useful information. They just stated that "all systems worked as expected". Well, certainly not how I expected them to work...

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By: mrgod2u (32164.37)

Tags: Tesla Model S adaptive cruise control crashes into Van

Location: Switzerland