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The Greatest Bank Heist in History occurred in April 2009 

Fraud exposed 23FEB2012 in the House of Lords.

I know a good many of you LiveLeakers are in America and England and you Need to understand this video.

In April - May of 2009, 3 payments of 5 Trillion dollars were paid from a Mr. Yohannes Riyadi over a 4 week period to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, forwarded to J.P.Morgan Chase of New York and forwarded again to HSBC in order to back the Dollar.

3 things: 1) Mr. Riyadi has been offered 500 Million dollars to buy out his investment (at an enormous loss). 2) HSBC bank only has an Asset value of 541 Billion. 3) An Audit from the Federal Reserve Bank on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in July of 2010 confirmed a total of 16.115 Trillion dollars in loans to Barclay's and HSBC.

Yet, the money is not there!?

This might be the greatest heist in the history.

What happened to 15 Trillion Dollars? W

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