Jabhat Al nusra using US TOW against SAA in their Idlib offensive

3:50 in the video, stolen or captured from US supplied SRF/Hazm movement(fled to Turkey weeks ago)

"Abu Omar al-Hamwe (https://twitter.com/hashtag/IF?src=hash): 2300 participated 2 d attack against Wadi al-deif. We prepared 90 suicide attacks,50 tanks ready 2 re-take the camps".https://twitter.com/hashtag/Idlib?src=hash" FSA 13. division, ahrar al sham, alnusra and other snackbars was part of the offensive cca. 5000 barbar.

al-Muhassni speech from Wadi Al-Deif today, they captured most of the checkpoints, (guy with the gas mask LOL)

1000-1700 syrian army soldiers are trying to reach the forces south of Khan Sheykhun, 12 miles or death. The snackbars can be happy they captured something under siege for 2 years against 5 time smaller defending forces.