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Nuclear Technology a Failure : Dr. B. K. Subba Rao

A former Indian Navy Captain, who holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Technology from the I.I.T., has charged the Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai with passing off a thermonuclear device with the yield in mere kilotonnes as a success while it was in fact a failure.

He says in a statement:

India alone, and not the rest of the world, will be the
Books loser, if Indians are not able to know the true picture about the nuclear explosions carried out at Pokhran on May 11 and May 13, 1998. The true picture should include
whether India planned a thermonuclear device (hydrogen
bomb) in the usual order of megaton capacity but failed
to reach that capacity or the Indian nuclear scientists
even after 24 years of their first nuclear explosion on
May 18, 1974, were not confident of reaching megaton
capacity and so had to make a trial and error attempt
with a preposterous thermonuclear device


Added: Mar-6-2009 
By: TruthSeekerr
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