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Things Libertarians Believe In

All authority figures are good unless they are called "the government."

Drugs are good.

Abortions are bad because they take away the baby's freedoms!

Social security is bad.

Federal government is bad, State government is good

Pedophilia is good.

Guns are totally good, unless used by the government and it's contractors.

Homosexuality is good but gay marriage is not good because it'll be legalized by the evil, nasty government.

The death penalty is bad (but only if it's carried out by the government)

The free market is the ultimate good.

People who say they are conservative but are really Republicans are "neocon" liars.

People who say they are liberal but are really
Democrats are "socialist" liars.

Privatization is good.

Unions are bad.

Smoking is good. Tobacco companies are friends.

Ayn Rand is God (though she hates libertarian


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