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Protesters attack U.S. diplomatic compounds in Egypt, Libya over online film offensive to Islam

* In Cairo, several men scaled the walls of the U.S. Embassy and tore down its American flag, according to CNN producer who was on the scene. A U.S. State Department officer was killed in the violence in Benghazi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement late Tuesday.

* Egyptian groups point to U.S. websites, including YouTube, that have scenes from the film. Some anti-Muslim blogs also have flagged the movie. In a series of disjointed scenes, filmmakers depict Prophet Mohammed as a child molester, womanizer and ruthless killer.

* Most of the Muslim world considers depictions of Mohammed to be blasphemous and deeply offensive.

* It was not clear late Tuesday who produced the film and under what auspices, but according to other sources the filmmaker, who identifies himself as an Israeli Jew, has gone into hiding.

Cairo (CNN) -- The United States said it was tak

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