This Little Girl’s 60 Second Viral Video Is Enraging Liberal Gun Grabbers Across The Country

In a short video that’s gone viral, this young girl tears down and reassembles an AR rifle in less than a minute. By teaching his daughter gun safety as well as sharing knowledge on how guns actually work this dad is demonstrating good parenting!

Showing just what we red-blooded Americans need to do in order to properly educate today’s youth, one father has taught her daughter that guns aren’t the evil tools that gun grabbers would have us believe. Needless to say, she’s become so proficient that she can demonstrate what she’s learned in under 60 seconds.

In a video already going viral, a girl by the name of McKenzie is seen behind an AR-15 (one of those dastardly “assault” rifles) where she announces that she’s not only going to strip the gun down, but she will reassemble it in under a minute.
Within just 15 seconds, the girl is able to tear the gun to pieces and immediately begins working to get it back together. In just a short time, the cameraman – presumed to be McKenzie’s father – states that she completed both the field strip and reassembly, along with function check, in just 53 seconds.