Morning Joe Rips Into Glenn Beck

This morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe show, they were doing their "must-read op-ed" segment, and Willie Geist had an "offering" of his own, although not an op-ed. It was actually based on a page 1 New York Times piece yesterday on Glenn Beck and his popularity.

Tina Brown of The Daily Beast watched with the rest of the group as Willie played a mash-up of clips of Glenn Beck getting emotional on his show; mostly from his The 912 Project show from March 13th.

What ensued during and after that was truly shameful, and it just demonstrates to me why the mainstream media (and MSNBC) don't "get it" about the American people. It is okay to show your feelings and emote. Stupid eurotrash, Tina Brown, said Roger Ailes was "kind of a genius" for finding and creating all these "monsters" like Beck, Limbaugh, etc.

Excuse me, Ms. Brown? And Joe was nearly crying himself, but it wasn't emotion - he was cracking up laughing, although he tried to say he was not laughing at Beck, but was laughing at a joke someone sent him on his Blackberry.

You guys just go ahead and yuck it up, keep your measly thousands of viewers while Glenn keeps climbing in the ratings. And Tina, don't flatter yourself. We don't give one flip what the Queen would think about Glenn Beck.
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