Syria War 2016 - GoPro POV Footage Of Turkish Backed Turkmen Fighters In Heavy Clashes With The Syrian Army In Latakia

First Person point of view GoPro footage of Turkish backed Turkmen fighter groups in heavy clashes with the Syrian Arab Army in the border region between Turkey and Syria.

The fighters you see here are part of the so called Syrian Turkmen Brigades an informal armed opposition structure composed of Syrian Turkmen primarily fighting against the Syrian Army, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (YPG+FSA).

They are aligned with the Syrian opposition and are heavily supported by Turkey, who provides funding and military training along with artillery and aerial support.

The groups represents a wide spectrum of ideologies from Islamism to secular Turkish nationalism.

Their main area of operation are the regions around Aleppo and Latakia were this video was filmed during heavy clashes in the Turkmen Mountain in the north of Latakia, neighboring the Turkish border.

Two Turkish F-16s shot down one of two Russian Su-24 fighter jets in Syria on 24 November 2015 there. Both pilots ejected safely, however one pilot was killed by Turkmen fighters.

The video mostly shows GoPro Pov footage of the Turkmen fighters during heavy clashes, heavy fighting and heavy fighterfights with the Syrian Army during assaults on SAA outposts.


By: Aker04 (1061.70)

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