Complete Total Undeniable Victory for Syria el Assad over NATO mercenaries and Gulf Arab Terrorists

The recent posturing by NATO mercenary Turkey and the increased attacks from Gulf Arab terrorists leaves no doubt that war has been declared on Syria. Soon Turkey will attack Syria.

I, Nutsflipped, put my reputation on the line and predict COMPLETE TOTAL UNDENIABLE VICTORY for Syria el Assad. Turkish NATO mercenaries and the Gulf Arab terrorists will be annihilated in Syria. NATO carriers and ships will be sunk by the dozens. NATO bases in the region will be wiped out. Europe and the USA will beg for a truce.

I have put up this video, a compilation of recent war games by the Syrian armed forces as a support for my predictions. But of course, this video does not show the complete force of the Syrian military or their allies. There are some hints of secret weapons, but there are other secret weapons unmentioned that will make Syria victorious in a war that will make Syria's enemies dizzy and suing for peace.