Self-defense: French bar owner condemned to 7 years prison for "disproportionate response"

Luc Fournié, owner of a bar in the southern French town of Lavaur, in the Tarn, was condemned on Wednesday to seven years prison after he was convicted for the killing by gunshot wound of a 17 year old burglar back in 2009. While Mr Fournié claimed legitimate self defense, his plea was not accepted by the jury. The court judged his reaction "disproportionate in regard to the time elapsed."

Four days had passed between the moment the sister of Mr Fournié discovered the window bars of the French bar-tabac had been damaged and the death by gunshot wound of Jonathan Lavignasse.

The Cour d'assises of Albi estimated the French business owner was guilty for the murder of Jonathan Lavignasse and of the wounding of Ugo Bernardon while rejecting the self defense plea.

After his sister alerted him about the damaged window bars, Luc Fournié had "readied himself for the return of the burglars: his hunting rifle was loaded and he slept in a room next to the bar" indicated to the court one of the psychiatric experts.

"One cannot be in a state of self defense when one is preparing one's own defense" insisted Mr Simon Cohen, lawyer to the families of the victims.

Mr Pierre Bernard, lawyer of Mr Fournié, contended on the contrary that Mr Fournié's behavior was "perfectly adapted" and that his client "was in a situation of imminent danger."

Mr Bernard had asked the jury to recognize legitimate self defense without explicitly demanding an acquittal.

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