Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce the book "The secret relationship between Blacks and Jews"

I stumbled upon the book the other day and then found this on video in the net.
I found that the topic of the book peaked my curiosity, I have heard similar stuff before in relations to the African slave trade.

A very emotionless, clear and decisive portrayal of the facts regarding
the Jewish role in the African slave trade. I've always believed that
it was the arabs and muslims who were largely responsible for the slave
trade but this book shows in astonishing and meticulous DETAIL FROM
JEWISH SOURCES that the Jews had a severely disproportionate role in the
African Slave Trade. It certainly makes you wonder about the origin of
the NAACP and the Jewish role in the civil rights movement. I would
recommend this to anyone who can stomach a non-stop barrage of factual
references without any "victim" bias.