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Dispatches Debate - Muslims Versus Free Speech

Hosted by Channel 4 in the UK, this debate questions whether free speech includes the right to offend minorities - specifically muslims.

Personally, I think this forum slanted in favor of the muslim side. The questioners, and guests, seemed to gloss over islamic violence and intimidation when confronting speech.

For instance, the program question whether people are afraid of speaking out for fear of offending muslims. A more accurate question should have been, are people afraid of speaking out for fear muslims will react violently. Free speech should never be suppressed with irrational intimidation. But that is exactly are muslims are attempting to do.

If someone offends Christians by insulting Jesus, no one dies for it.

If someone offends muslims by insulting muhammad, innocent people are murdered for it.


Added: Mar-11-2009 
By: DMartyr
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