18 year old Ksenia Smirnova wins national embarrassment, as well as fans, after having sex in the middle of a nightclub to bemused onlookers

Ksenia Smirnova, first-year student at Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University. Studying to be a teacher, Smirnova blew up social networks this week after video of her having sex in the middle of Milo Concert Hall (a local nightclub) went viral on a national level.

Smirnova has been expelled from university. However, Kyusha's developing 'fan' groups on social networks amongst hipster youth, describing her as 'heroine' and 'artist', while others have suggested she put herself forward as candidate for the 2018 Presidential Elections.

Fans of Kyusha have been praising her 'early work', in which she sings.

The 'incident'

The 'directors cut' version which some argue is more artistic.

Kyusha livestreams about it to her followers, admits she is moron.

Artistic works w/ strange lyrics



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