Copperhead bites itself after Huntsville man decapitates it

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- You've heard the proverbial tale about beheaded chickens running around as if nothing happened, but you've probably never seen a decapitated snake head bite its still thrashing body.

Copperhead snake (Wikimedia Commons)

Huntsville resident Sam Billiter posted a public video on his Facebook Monday afternoon with the caption "Copperhead bites itself (after I decapitated it) very crazy watch it!!!"
Billiter went hunting for the snake in his woodpile after his wife saw it a couple days ago, he said.

Billiter said he did not want his 4-year-old son or dog to get bitten.

"As soon as I looked it up and saw it was a copperhead, there was no choice," he said. "It had to die."

It took four or five blows with a machete to decapitate the three-foot snake, Billiter said.

"I wanted to take a video of its body moving without its head and within a couple of seconds it bit itself," Billiter said. "That's some crazy stuff right there."

It is crazy. Check it out below.