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Good Customer Service?

What happened to good old-fashioned customer service?

I was on business travel for 10 days and when I got back to the states I had three stops to make before returning home. Each stop included a meeting, day in the field and one night in a hotel.

I was hungry for steak and after asking around I found good, well-known and reputable restaurants known for their steaks. Each time I received really bad service. I have noticed this becoming a trend as I am on the road 60-70% of the time for quite few years.

On my last stop I sat near the bar so that I could watch the football game. While eating my meal I observed the following:

A bartender sweating profusely, loudly complaining about the room temperature, sweat dripping into the very drinks he was preparing and only once he ask if everything was okay with my order (his head popped up out of nowhere dripping with sweat), “Hey

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