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Why Are Muslims So Violent?

Why are more than 90% of the wars in the world ... (more)
Added: November 09, 2007
Why are more than 90% of the wars in the world today caused by Muslims? Why is there terrorism, tension and mass murder everywhere where large numbers of Muslims live? Why do Muslims not only slaughter non-Muslim "infidels", but also massacre huge numbers of their fellow Muslims? Why have millions of Muslims been killed in holocausts perpetrated by their fellow Muslims? If this is what they do to each other, can there be any doubt about what they want to do to us?

Added: Nov-18-2007 
By: Cojpe
Tags: Islam, Muslims, Mohammed, Koran, Hadith, JTF, Chaim, Ben, Pesach, Jews, Israel, Zionism, Arabs, Giuliani, Huckabee, Romney, genocide, holocaust
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