Syria uprising/revolution is fake - don't be fooled

It's a fake protest movement that uses phony facebook and twitter accounts to make up lies. They release edited and generated "rallies" for western media. It is a joke. The only "uprisings" taking place are in the criminal border towns - where the inhabitants have historically always been fighting the police. In Damascus and the bigger cities there is no support at all for these people. This is being set up and financed by people outside of Syria, and being carried out by criminals within Syria.

Salafi Terrorists in Syria are trying to control the country Syria they have 18 religious sects and they all respect each other but they also have the Salafi sunna that dont respect other religions and want to change the laws to suit them which is killing others that are non muslim sunna...its got nothing to do with freedom, they are killers and must be treated like Al Qaida.