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Rosie Quits because ABC has cancelled Loose Change creators on the view.

The rest of the world is wondering wtf is going on
at Rosie's website after she posted a cryptic message today
to all the haters, look you babies, the media's karl rovebots brainwash us into acting petty while the crooks in charge win, and we have to focus on maximing liberty. if you make sense i'll react, if you're part of bush's $1.6 billion (more now) budget for "fake news" (google it) monkeys then stick your finger in your bum to look for "lipstick bombs", and if you're just a bushtapo dumbass then stick your finger in your bum and smell it.

to all the players, this is it, and bush openly declared martial law. we have to recognize what's bad, like torturing people for years in concentration camps despite getting no good intelligence, as proven by the wars getting worse all the time. so why do it? once people are used to running them for no reason they can stick anyone in there.

Added: May-24-2007 
By: neverknwo
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